Health Care Services Savings Plan For Members


Up To 50% Savings On:

  • Prescriptions                                                                    
  • Dental                                                                                         
  • Vision                                                                                         
  • Video Doctor Visit                                                                 

Now You Can Shop Online For Health Care Services

Special Member Bonus - $20 Off Your First Dental Visit!


The Card Is Free

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  1. Click On The Link Below                                                  
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  3. Click On “Get Your Member Card”                                                                    
  4. Add Promo Code NPC20 To Get $20 - Off Your First Dental Visit                                           
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SingleCare isn't insurance…

It's a discounted cash-pay alternative for prescriptions, dental/vision services & Video Doctor Visits (24/7 consultations by video with a licensed physician).

SingleCare allows you to compare prices…

Know what you owe before you go. No more surprises. With SingleCare, you can locate providers in your area and see what they charge for the service you need. Transparency…what a concept!

The Mobile App Is Free

Mobile ap Your savings - on your mobile device.

With the SingleCare app, accessing your savings couldn't be easier. See pricing, pharmacy locations and dental and vision providers in your area, while you are on the go. Video conference with a doctor from your laptop, your tablet, your smartphone…anywhere.

Forgot your SingleCare card at home? No worries. All your member information is stored in the app.

Don’t have health insurance?
Or, have coverage but with a sky-high deductible?
Either way, SingleCare works for you