Great Insurance Options and Professional Advice for Members


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For over a decade, Affinity Group Underwriters has been honored to provide National Press Club members with exceptional member benefit programs. We offer both insurance coverages and money-saving non-insurance discounts and alternatives. Our portfolio of products and services is constantly evolving.

Among our newest offerings:

Free Savings Card for Prescriptions, Dental Treatment, Vision Services and Video Doctor Visits. Whether you have health insurance or not, you may be able to save money by using this card. Includes a convenient, easy-to-use smartphone app showing comparative prices from providers in your local area for prescriptions, dental work or vision procedures.

Need a doctor late at night? No problem. As a member, video doctor visits are available 24/7!

Buying Life Insurance Just Got Easier! Members no longer need to meet with an agent or take a physical exam to apply for life insurance. Our new simplified issue process means that you can find out if you qualify with just one 30-minute phone call. Up to $1,000,000 coverage is available at competitive rates.

Most of us need more coverage than we get through our work. Members can now apply for that extra insurance they need – and best of all, it’s your policy. It stays with you even if you change jobs or decide to go out on your own.