Welcome to the AffinityChoice Benefits Store!

New Company will contribute $75.00 every month to help you pay the premium for the group insurance benefits you select from the AffintyChoice Benefits Store. Think of this as a monthly gift card that you can use to reduce the cost of your insurance. No health questions or physical exam required if applying during the open enrollment period or within 30 days of hire.

Use the Benefits Selection Tool to see the costs and select from the insurance options that are available for you and your family.

Life & Accident

Basic Coverage - $25,000 of life and accidental death insurance is automatically included for all eligible employees. The cost is paid from your employer’s contribution.

Voluntary Coverage - You can choose to add up to $100,000 of additional life and accident coverage. Insurance is available for spouses and children as well.

See Benefit Details for more information.

Dental & Vision

Dental coverage includes preventive check-ups and cleanings. Also helps pay for basic dental services, like fillings and pain treatment, as well as major procedures such as root canals, gum treatment and even braces for children.

Vision coverage helps pay for eye exams, frames, lenses and contacts.

See Benefit Details for more information.

Short Term Disability

If you are ever injured or sick and cannot work, short term disability insurance is crucial. This coverage provides tax-free benefits to help replace your paycheck for up to 26 weeks. Note that the employer contribution cannot be applied to pay for the disability coverage.

See Disability Taxation to learn how this benefits you.

See Benefit Details for more information.

This information contains only a brief description of the benefits available. It is not a contract. The outlined benefits are underwritten by Companion Life Insurance Company, Policy Forms No.GTP-633, VGLT- 800, VSTD 808; Dental Policy Form 514; Vision Care Policy Form VGRP-300 and actual coverage is subject to the terms, definitions, conditions, exclusions and limitations of the group policy contract when it becomes effective and the actual language will be reflected in each employee’s Certificate of Coverage. Please refer to your Certificate for details and limitations of coverage.